If you or you know someone that needs to be added to this list, PLEASE, let Roy Underwood or Karen Atkinson-Yoxall know.
  1. Arnold Able                                                  Army                          Deceased
  2. Andrea Anderson                                       Coast Guard             Deceased
  3. Glen Beauchamp                                         Army
  4. Duane Benbrook                                         Army
  5. Jim Bridgeman          Vietnam                  Marine
  6. Danny Burkhart         Vietnam                 Navy                            Deceased
  7. Alan Campbell            Vietnam/Desert Storm     Navy          Deceased
  8. Phil Chambers            Vietnam                 Army
  9. George Cooper            Vietnam                 Navy                          Deceased
  10. John Finley                                                  Army
  11. Clay Finnell                 Vietnam                 Army                         Deceased
  12. Jim Fraizer                  Germany                Marine
  13. Clark French                                                Navy
  14. Bill Garvin                                                    Army                         Deceased
  15. Doug Gosney                                               Army
  16. Steve Gwartney            Vietnam               Army
  17. Janice Hannebohn                                     Navy                         Deceased
  18. Danny Harrison           Vietnam               Navy
  19. Tom Haskins                                               Army
  20. Steve Helmey               Germany              Army
  21. Mike Holt                      Vietnam               Army                         Deceased
  22. Richard Hopkins                                        Air Force
  23. David Hunt                                                  Air Force
  24. Jim Johnston                Vietnam                Army
  25. Bradley Karnes              Vietnam             Marine
  26. Fred Lemons                                                 Army
  27. Randy Loehr                 Vietnam                Army
  28. Danny McClure            Vietnam                Navy
  29. Tony Miller                    Vietnam               Navy
  30. Dale Milliser                                                 Air Force
  31. George Newman           Vietnam                Navy
  32. Dennis Nichols                                             Navy
  33. Cody Nidiffer                 Vietnam               Army
  34. Terry O'Laughin                                           Navy
  35. Rex Oliver                       Vietnam               Marine                    Deceased
  36. Tony Palmer                  Vietnam               Army
  37. John Parcell                                                  Navy
  38. Tom Perry                      Vietnam               Army                        Deceased
  39. Doug Phillips                 Vietnam               Navy
  40. Randy Ransom              Korea                   Army
  41. Mike Rundell                 Vietnam               Army                        Deceased
  42. Mike Schmidt                Vietnam               Army                        Deceased
  43. Gene Shelton                 Vietnam               Army
  44. Bill Smiley                                                    Army                         Deceased
  45. Bill Smith                       Vietnam               Army
  46. Jackie Smith                                                Army                        Deceased
  47. Richard Spencer                                          Army
  48. Mike Standeford          Vietnam/KIA       Army                        Deceased
  49. John Stansell                Vietnam                Navy
  50. Cheryl Storey                                                 Air Force
  51. Jack Trask                     Vietnam                Army
  52. Roy Underwood           Vietnam                Army
  53. Jay Dee Whitlock         Vietnam                Army
  54. Pat Wilson                                                     Navy
  55. Darrel Wooldrige         Germany               Army                         Deceased
  56. Ron Wyrick                                                   Army
  57. Don Hilderbrand         Vietnam                Army
  58. James Johnson                                            Army
  59. Judy Delozier                                               Air Force
  60. Marshall Spangler        Germany              Army